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Mark Bray for Congress - Episode 12

Replay of Sept 25 - Live Questions. 

Mark Bray for Congress

Welcome and thank you for visiting our campaign website. Due to popular demand we have re-launched our site to better communicate who Mark is and what he stands for. You wanted more Mark and we want to give you more Mark! You will find a wide variety of ways to connect with Mark and hear him on the issues and topics that mean the most to you. But even more importantly, Mark will now have the opportunity to hear your voice. Here at the Bray for Congress website you will have opportunities to interact with Mark in real time! Check out our new Blog Talk Radio Program on the Menu bar.

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The path to victory for an independent requires that people, who are inspired by Mark’s message of cooperation and solutions, give in order that his message can be spread. In these times of economic stress, Mark is honored and grateful that you would donate to his campaign.


Question from Huntsville, AL

What is your stance on immigration?

The immigration system is broken and many skilled and talented people who try to come in legally are on perpetual hold waiting to get into our country. The illegal immigration problem is a problem that persists because of a lack of leadership. Those who are here already should be documented and given a path to work visas. This will immediately place them in the system, document their work, pay them minimum wage so that American workers are not at a disadvantage. It will also generate tax revenue to ... Read more >

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